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Drawing inspiration from the hair style trends of our favorite stars and celebrities has become a national pass time. One such star hair style is Hollywood icon Michael Douglas. His always stylish hair and inherited movie star good looks is irresistible to women attracted to the  adventurous and romantic types.

TO GET THE LOOK:  Do you sometimes get a feeling your gray hair is making you look older then you feel? Before you throw in the towel, take a hair styling lesson from Michael Douglas and watch what happens when you stroll into work looking “drop dead” handsome and ten years younger. If you up for a change, let’s take it one step at a time; starting with a style cut and shaping.

LET’S SHAPE IT: To jump start your new look, start with a layered contoured silhouette for a full look with mid-length sideburns and tapered neckline stylishly over the collar. The sides, crown and front are shaped for a full effect and fit the size of the head and balance the profile. And with a few adjustments (tweaks) as it grows you can find the ideal length and shape for your style.  

LET’S STYLE IT: To style, start with a dab of a shaping gel, styling cream, gel mousse or nothing at all. Just run either through damp hair and comb in place to dry au natural or give it a quick tousle with a blow dryer for a full look. If your locks look a bit dry or frizzy after using a blow dryer, a dab of styling cream will tame it. For a slick back textured effect, when dry, comb a puff of forming pomade through the top and sides and you’ve got the look!  

LET’S ADD WHISKERS: Nothing can reshape a face or add a 
dramatic look like facial hair. Whiskers when shaped can cover a ruddy complexion, add a stronger look to a pointed chin, cover a wide upper lip
and give you an over-all artistic look. Sideburns can be full, close, long, 
short or narrow. This simple addition can make large ears appear 
smaller or a narrow face wider, accent cheek bones and definitely adds 
a stylish or artsy look. Include short mid length sideburns or whiskers 
and you’re almost there.

NOW, LET’S COLOR IT:  Movie actors change their hair color often for the many roles they play and Michael Douglas is no exception. To put his graying hair stylishly “under-cover”, Michael’s is give a warm “sandy brown” hue with a semi-permanent tint. To keep gray away, the new growth is re-colored every 4 to 6 weeks. This extra step will cost a few bucks but what the hell, it’s a small price to pay for a youthful look and all the attention you get.

This new style and color puts you back in the game looking drop dead handsome and ten years younger, in a stylish grown up way. The contoured silhouette fits the shape of your head perfectly from all points of view. You’ll love the ease of styling, this no fuss finger combed do’ almost styles itself. The tapered sideburns and neckline stylishly over the collar add a “cool casual” look. The Sandy brown hue has washed the years away and put your gray hair stylishly under-cover. Heads will turn and your pal’s will ask, hey what’s up? When they see the ladies making a fuss over you with this new look.

For Michael Douglas’s star style and color visit a salon stylist and make your style shine like the stars!  

Disclaimer: Throughout my career women and men of all ages have asked me to help them make their hair look like a star or celebrity they admire. The styling techniques I recommend here are the steps I would use at my Hollywood Hair Styling Studio to create a similar hairstyle. You may use any hair care and styling product you wish to achieve a hair style that looks like their style. It is not my intention to mislead or make you think that the stars or celebrities featured here either endorse or use my salon hair products to style their hair.  If any star or celebrity has a problem with their (hair style)  being featured on this site, please let us know and we will remove it.