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Drawing inspiration from the hair style trends of our favorite stars and celebrities has become national past time. One such star hair style is the flamboyant Austrian fashion journalist Bruno," the alter ego of British satirist Sacha Baron Cohen. Bruno's unisex hair style with multi-colored locks, a updated version of a Beatle style, is a perfect look for the creative types that want to make a fashion statement and those dudes looking to walk on the wild side.

TO GET THE LOOK:  If your looking to make a fashion statement or want a totally new image take a beauty lesson from Bruno, the world's foremost fashionista and high priestess of style. Be forewarned, this look will take more then a standard beauty salon make-over, this will requires a total "start-over". To get the look, letís take it one step at a time; starting with a style cut and shaping.

LETíS SHAPE IT: To get ze-Bruno look, start with a long contoured silhouette with side swept fringe and neckline stylishly over the collar. This shapely head turning-doí with wind swept perk-a-boo bangs puts a receding hair style stylishly under cover and pushes the style bar to the max. With a few adjustments (tweaks) as it grows you can easily find the ideal length and shape for your style.

LETíS STYLE IT:  To jumpstart ze-style, start with a dab of  Paul Mitchell styling gel or straightening balm if hair is curly. Just run either through damp hair and comb in place to dry au natural, or give it a quick blow-out with pistol grip dryer and your ready for any occasion. After, if your locks look a bit dry or frizzy, slide it across a Paul Mitchell flat styling iron to tame it. To do the ďwild thingĒ look, when dry, add a dab of pomade through the top and sides and youíve got Bruno's star style.  

LET'S ADD MAKEUP: What's a fashion statement hair style without makeup and accessories? With hours spent in makeup chairs Bruno has learned the tricks of the trade. To make his eyes stand out under the flirty peek-a-boo fringe, Bruno arches the brows and outlines his eyes with Cover Girl mascara for a cat eye effect. And plumps up his lips with Botox and pale pink lip gloss for the Angelina Jolie look. 
To make a strong fashion statement, Bruno recommends you start 
with a Chinchilla newsboy hat and blue velvet cadet jacket over a chunky oatmeal sweater vest on top of a gala shirt in silver. Pair this with stretch-twill brocade sailor paints and snakeskin monk shoes. Accessorize with a two-karat white-gold infinity pendant and you've got the look, simple, timeless, classic.

LETíS MANSCAPE IT: According to Bruno there's nothing gay about shaving your body hair, swimmers, dancer's and athlete's have done it for years. Removing ze-body hair with wax or razor is essential for a sexy chest, smooth back and derriere but not as important as "ze-spray-on tan" during the summer when wearing buckskin thongs or short shorts.

NOW LETíS COLOR IT:  Actor's and entertainers color their hair for the many roll's they play and Bruno is not exception. For Bruno's two toned hair color start with a Redken Carmel brown tint. After, the crown is splashed with Champaign blonde highlighted using a foil weaving technique for the glam look. This bit of hair color magic with cost a few extra bucks but its a small price to pay for a totally new image and high fashion statement.

At a glance, this stunning head turning style letís everyone know youíre the creative type of dude that walks on the "wild side". The shapely contoured silhouette, tapered neckline stylishly over the collar with side swept "love locks" adds to the over all seductive look. The glam two-toned hair color is a show stopper and let's everyone know this bit of hair color magic is no home color job. The makeup, tan manscape body and fashion accessories pushes the style bar over the top. Your sure to get rave reviews and some will hardly recognize the "new you", when you show up looking oh-so chic with Bruno's star style.

For Bruno's star hair style visit the George Caroll studio style salon and make your hair shine like the stars.





Disclaimer: Throughout my career women and men of all ages have asked me to help them make their hair look like a star or celebrity they admire. The styling techniques I recommend here are the steps I would use at my Hollywood Hair Styling Studio to create a similar hairstyle. You may use any hair care and styling product you wish to achieve a hair style that looks like their style. It is not my intention to mislead or make you think that the stars or celebrities featured here either endorse or use my salon hair products to style their hair.  If any star or celebrity has a problem with their (hair style)  being featured on this site, please let us know and we will remove it.