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Drawing inspiration from the hair style trends of our favorite stars and celebrities has become a national pass time. One such star is the multi-talented country pop singer and recent "entertainer of the year" Taylor Swift. With her fresh natural beauty, ultra feminine hair style and glam hair color, it’s no surprise her hair style is emulated by young women around the globe.

TO GET THE LOOK: If you’re looking for the “ultra feminine” hair style take a styling lesson from Taylor Swift and watch heads turn when you show up looking drop dead gorgeous. For those that love the look and feel of long hair and want to give it an ultra feminine look, let’s take it one step at a time; starting with a custom style cut and shaping. 

LET’S SHAPE IT: To get the look, start with a long face framing silhouette, layered for volume with long side swept peek-a-boo bangs. This ultra feminine and truly classic hairstyle is best suited for rectangle, diamond, heart and oval face shapes… especially those high cheek bones and angular features. With a few adjustments (trims) as it grows you can easily find the ideal length and shape for your look. 

LET’S STYLE IT:  To put the style in motion, start with a dab of your favorite styling mousse or spray gel curl set. Comb either through damp hair to dry in place au natural or toss your hair over and give it a quick blow dry for volume. A few turns with a ½ inch styling iron is all it takes. Curling your hair in spiral curls is easy once you get the hang of it. Start with small sections at a time and slide the strands through your curling iron so that the end is at the bottom of the curling wand. Then wind the strand upward to ear level and hold it with moderate tension, slowly turn and release the curl. Finger comb a dab of hair polish through the curls and you’ve got the look. For a feminine dressy look tie it back over the shoulder and your good to go.

LET’S ADD MAKEUP AND ACCESSORIES: What’s a star hair style without makeup and accessories? Taylor Swift knows just how good makeup can make you look and feel. Her alluring smoky eyes, winged black eyeliner, rosy cheeks and pale pink lipstick push the feminine bar to the max. Taylor knows how to dress of any occasion and is quite the trend setter. For a casual feminine look Taylor loves wearing hats and “sundresses” and has recently designed a line of stylish Taylor Swift sundresses available at Wal-Mart.

NOW, LET’S COLOR IT:   Taylor ’s hair color is no ordinary drug store hair color job. For a natural multi-tonal look Taylor ’s natural brown hair is first lightened with high lift bleach and colored after with three shades of blonde. Light golden brown in nape area, dark blonde in crown area and medium/light blonde around the hairline with a foil weaving technique. To get this au natural “Blonde on Blonde” sun kissed look will require a visit with a creative salon hair colorist and will cost a few extra dollars but is well worth the extra time and expense.


Taylor Swifts ultra-feminine style with face framing curly love locks and side swept peek-a-boo bangs says Ole'. A quick blow dry and a once over with a curling wand and like magic your ready for any occasion. The au natural “blond on blond” hair color is a work of art and lets everyone know this is no home color job. You’re sure to get rave review and your girl friends will be green with envy when they see the guy’s making a fuss over you with Taylor Swift ultra-feminine hair style.

Disclaimer: Throughout my career women and men of all ages have asked me to help them make their hair  look like a star or celebrity they admire. The styling techniques I recommend here are the steps I would use at my  Hollywood Styling Studio to create a similar hairstyle. You may use any hair care and styling product you wish to  achieve a hair style that looks like their style. It is not my intention to mislead or make you think that the stars or  celebrities featured here either endorse or use my salon hair products to style their hair. If any star or celebrity or  manager has a problem with their (image & hair style)  being featured on this site,  please let us know and we will remove it.