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Hollywood 's red carpet has become the place where hair and fashion trends resonate. Often the inspiration for “new” hair styles is derived from the stars of the past, and re-introduced with a new cast of characters. Movie star hairstyles are preserved for posterity in the films where they first appeared and so is the history 
of hair fashions. When Louise Brooke appears on the silver screen in 1920 with a bobbed hair style woman traded in their long locks for this ultra modern look. Jean Harlow’s stunning short platinum blonde hair style had women around the world bleaching their hair. There's nothing quite like a movie star or celebrity hair style to turn a style or color into a trend.

Audrey Hepburn immortalized the short Pixie hair style in the film Roman Holiday, which actually featured a sequence of her having a haircut. Elizabeth Taylor, Lana Turner, Doris Day and many other cinema beauties over the years have made 
short styles fashionable. When American figure skater Dorothy Hamill showed 
up on the ice with her bouncy short wedge haircut many girls lopped off their long locks to look like her. It’s no surprise that so many stars and celebrities opt for versions of short bobs and pixie cuts. Aside from being low-maintenance, a short style puts more focus on the face and adds attitude to their overall look.

The key to “creatively borrowing” celebrity hair styles is to first make sure the look you choose suits you - the shape of your face, hair type, the thickness, density, hair color, skin tone, and even your body shape must be considered. If you’re up for a new short hair do’, before taking the plunge take a look at how these stars wear short hair styles for the rolls they portray and their own personal style.

One star whose short hair styles have inspired women of all ages is Meg Ryan. A trend setter without trying, Meg Ryan is best known for her short perky hair styles and the reason why many women have opted for a short hair do’. This contoured silhouette can be easily adjusted to fit all hair types and is best suited for those with small face shapes, pate’ bodies and features. Talk about easy, this perky do’ 
almost styles itself. Just comb in place to dry au natural or give it a quick blow dry and a few twists around a curling iron and your ready for any occasion. If you’re 
one of those that have consider trading in your long locks for a fresh new look this would be an excellent choice. With a few adjustments (tweaks) as it grows you 
can easily find the ideal length and shape for you personal style.

Halle Berry ’s super short hairstyle has “versatility” written all over it. This short sculptured silhouette is made for easy styling.  Best of all it can be adjusted to work for most face shapes but is best suited for those with small facial features. Its a great option for wavy to curly hair because the curl provide texture and volume. For those with straight hair and larger facial features a few twists around a curling iron will work as well. To spice it up, subtle highlights can be added through the top and front to compliment the skin tone. If you’re the time challenged type, Halle ’s style is made for you. With a few adjustments (tweaks) as it grows you can easily find the ideal length and shape for you personal style.

One star whose hairstyle is emulated by young girls around the globe is Paris 
Hilton, the
diva of style, glitz, and glamour. Her asymmetrical layered bob haircut 
is a very versatile style. Maybe that's why so many big-name celebrities have been sporting cute layered bobs. This flexible style cut with a few adjustments will suit most face shapes. The overall silhouette is rounded with low side swept bangs to accentuate the eyes and softens sharp angular facial features. The shape is sleek and chic, perfect for a day wear or a night on the town at the trendiest party spots. And as Paris will tell you it’s also the perfect style for adding extra length with hair extension when you want a long sexy look.

If you’re still wearing the same long hair do’ for what may seem like forever and are thinking about getting a short trendy hair style for your time challenged life, try Annette Bening’s sexy wind blown’ style with sun kissed accents and watch heads turn when you show up looking years younger in a grown up way. For those that might have second thoughts about cutting their long locks because you think it may look to masculine, trust me this tousled style with soft feathered sides and neckline is an ultra feminine look. Talk about easy, this perky do’ almost styles itself. With a few adjustments (trims), as it grows you can easily find the ideal length and shape for your facial features. 


Disclaimer: The star images featured here are solely for entertainment.
Should any star or their representative wish their image removed simply let me know