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Drawing inspiration from the hair style trends
of our favorite stars and
celebrities has become a national past time. One star whose hairstyle is
emulated by young girls around the globe is Lady Gaga, the diva of style,
, and glamour. Her shock-rocker coiffure’s, over the top makeup and
pop music star image is irresistible to those dudes that are into the
wild thing” and quite the catch for guys attracted to the "creative types".

TO GET THE LOOK: Are you ready for a totally new high impact image?
If that's the case, take a fashion lesson from Lady Gaga and reinvent yourself with a totally new look. Her provocative face framing head-turning hairdo’s
and platinum blonde hair color is worthy of paparazzi-like attention and lets everyone know your the (New It Girl) in town. Lady Gaga's style isn't for the
faint of heart but if you’re up for it, let’s take it one step at a time; starting with
a style cut and shaping.

LET’S SHAPE IT: To get the look, start with a shoulder length bob and
rounded blunt brow brushing bangs. This classic style is the ideal length for adding extra length with "hair extensions" and suits most face shapes,
especially those with angular features like Lady Gaga. With a few adjustments (trims), as it grows you can find the ideal length and shape for your style.

LET’S STYLE IT:  To put your style in motion start with a dab of your favorite styling mousse or spray gel for style support. Comb either through damp
hair and give it a quick blow dry
turning the ends up or under with your round
brush. To push the style bar up a notch, a few twists with a curling iron and
a dab of hair polish, and you’ve got Lady Gaga’s pop star style!

LET’S ADD LENGTH:   If you’ve dreamed of having a sexy long hair style
like Lady Gaga and can’t wait for it to grow out, “hair extensions” are the
perfect way to add extra length to your style. Hair extensions are available
in all length, thickness, texture and colors. Extensions are hidden under the
top layer and may be temporarily attached with a clip or glued to individual strands close to the scalp. For a long sexy style add extra length with hair extensions and make your fantasy a reality.

LET’S ADD MAKE UP & ACCESSORIES: What’s a "fashionista’ hair
style" without makeup and accessories?
For "maximum impact" opt for
full strips of false lashes (do not trim them; the more fluttery, the better) and achieve intense volume with a mascara in jet black, applied in several coats.
You can also try colored or glittered lashes for maximum drama. Black
liquid liner is a must and you'll want to layer it: set liquid liner with black
powder eye shadow to recreate all the depth and drama Lady Gaga is know
for. Top it off with a Minnie Mouse style hair bow, paired with neon green
leotard, glossy PVC pants with large vantage sun glasses, Polaroid Pogo 
instant digital camera and your good to go.

NOW, LET’S COLOR IT: Before you try bleaching your hair like Lady Gaga's head to a wig store and try on some blunt platinum blonde wigs. Lady Gaga’s brunette hair color is lightened with powder or cream bleach followed with a platinum blonde toner. The new growth must be lightened and toned every
four to six weeks. This high fashion color will cost a few extra bucks but is a small price to pay for a stunning color and all the attention you'll get.

Lady Gaga’s style comes with all the bells and whistles to put you in the 
spot light.
The blunt peek-a-boo bangs with Minnie Mouse style hair bow and
stunning platinum blonde hair color is worthy of paparazzi-like attention. So
be prepared to stop those dudes dead in their tracks when you pass by
and your girl friends to scream OMG….. You rock girl !