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Drawing inspiration from the hair style of our favorite stars and celebrities has become a national pass time. One such star hair style that's all the  rage is
the stylish pop music star and current Cover Girl Rihanna.  As a young girl Rihanna loved experimented with her hair styles and makeup looks. Her latest creation called the Rihanna has trendy fashion forward women across the country asking for her chic short sculptured doí.

TO GET THE LOOK: If your looking for a chic pop-star hair style take a hair styling lesson from Rihanna and watch heads turn when you swing by with her chic fashion forward Cover Girl look. For the time challenged this shapely style looks perfect from all points of view and almost styles itself. To get the look, letís take it one step at a time; starting with a style cut and shaping.  

LETíS SHAPE IT: To get the look, start with a contoured silhouette 
with tapered neckline, sides and brow brushing bangs draped over one eye for a seductive look. This stylish doí is the perfect shape for those with high cheek bones and angular features like Rihanna. With a few adjustments (trims), as it grows you can find the ideal length and shape for your style.

LETíS STYLE IT:  Start with a dab of your favorite straightening balm and give it a quick blow dry followed with a flat iron for smooth straight look. To turn on the shine and add a spiky effect finish with a dab of  
firm hold pomade
and you've got the look.  

NOW LET'S ADD MAKEUP: What's a pop star hair style without
makeup and accessories? Rihanna loves experimenting with makeup. To lighten up her stunning hazel eyes
Rihanna uses Cover Girl's Exact black gold light-reflecting metallic mascara. To make a fashion statement Rihanna  loves wearing colorful stylish wigs and hair extensions. To push the style bar to the max add neon nail polish with 
a string of small star tattoo stylishly under cover and you've got this pop-stars easy breezy Cover Girl look.

NOW, LETíS COLOR IT: Nothing can improve your hair's texture, 
shine and manageability like hair color.
To define the shape and 
amplify the shine,
Rihanna's natural brown hair color is given a radiant hue with a L'Oreal Blue Black permanent tint. To keep it up the new growth is colored every four to six weeks. Coloring your hair may cost a few extra dollars but is a small price to pay for a pop-star color and after all, aren't you worth it?

This "fashion forward do" pushes the style bar to the max and is
ultra sexy to boot. The
sculptured silhouette and seductive side swept bangs is a show stopper. A quick blow dry or a once over with a flat iron gets the look. The radiant Blue Black color defines the shape and amplifies the shine. This sassy do' is a dude magnet. So don't be surprised to see men stop dead in there tracks when you swing by looking ooh-so chic sporting Rihanna's sassy pop-stars Cover Girl look.