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For a simple yet dramatic change many stars occasionally wear bangs to give their style a fresh new look. The fringe benefits are many. 

Long or short bangs can shorten a high forehead or long face shape, cover frown lines, soften facial lines and large facial features and balance a profile or simply keep the hair out the eyes. This simple addition can give your hair style a "sassy, sporty or alluring" look. 
And it only takes a "few quick snips and some styling tricks" for a totally new look. Before you snip away have a look at how these famous actresses wear bangs for their 

Audrey Hepburn's trade mark "Pixie" bangs are made for small face shapes and features. To length the forehead the fringe is clipped in a U-Shaped pattern with the "center longer then the corners". A jagged edge brushed to the side adds a dramatic effect and accent the eyes. To keep the fringe in place yet “piecey and separated" add a pinch of Pomade to the tips and you're ready for your close up !



Leighton Meester’s hair style gets a new style with Blunt brow brushing bangs. The slim symmetrical face looks bold and sexy with a straight blunt edge. To style; blow out with a paddle brush or straighten with a flat styling iron to remove unruly waves and you’re good to go.

Reese Witherspoon hair style gets a new style with Wispy brow brushing bangs. Unstructured bangs help soften and complement heart face shapes and its well-defined chin. Avoid straight blunt bangs as this will create weight and clashing angles. To keep the fringe in place yet “piecey and separated add a pinch of Pomade to the tips and you’ve got the look.

Jennifer Garner hair style gets a new style with Parted bangs. The distinct curve with off-centered part softens angular features for a feminine look. Use a low side part, blow dry with a paddle brush. Lock in place with a firm hold finishing mist and jet away in style.

Paris Hilton hair style gets a new style with Side Swept brow brushing bangs. The off-centered part with distinct curve softens a sharp angular jawline for a feminine look. Lock strands in place with a touchable finishing mist and let the party begin.

Jennifer Hudson hair style gets a new style with Side Swooped brow brushing bangs. A low dramatic swoop bang slim the sides 
and accents the cheekbones.
Blow dry and press with flat iron… finish with a dab of Pomade or Styling Cream to tame frizz and you rock girl!  

When it comes to wearing bangs
you have many options...visit s salon stylist for best results
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Disclaimer: The star images here are solely for entertainment.
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