May 18, 2022


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Know More About Direct Online Slots

Gambling is putting your money into chances. The classic examples of gambling in its initial stages were a horse race, cricket matches, etc. With time there evolved an organized place for the purpose of gambling in the form of casinos and other table games.

With the reach of technology and internet facilities to masses direct online slots (สล็อตออนไลน์เว็บตรง) has evolved and now this is also done online called ‘Direct online slots’. The direct online slots industry now is a billion dollar industry in India and across the world.

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  • Platforms and the users

Several platforms today offer direct online slots interface. Platforms such as MPL (Galactus Funware Technology Private Limited), Dream 11, Winzo are doing it full-time. They run fantasy challenges and charge an entry fee against rewards for different rank holders. Their revenue-model also includes charging money for different coupons.

MPL has many games which are played by paying an entry fee that add to its revenue. Today it is being used by more than 9 crore users. The differential of the amount received as entry fee and the amount it gives to the winner is its income. Other platforms also use almost the same revenue model.

Several other platforms such as Paytm also provide an additional interface named ‘Paytm Games’. It charges money on the coupons needed to play it.

Direct online slots is also done in several international matches and domestic circuit games like the cricket matches and Indian Premier League that are played in and outside India. There are many bookies that float their website for betting online. The differential amount is the earnings of these bookies.

  • Market size

The market size i.e. the amount of money that goes into these activities is billions. For example, given the size and the number of people in India involved in direct online slots thousands of core is put into this.

  • Issues and key concerns

Multiple issues are related to direct online slots and there are high chances of fraud. The person who participates in such activities does not know all the rules of such platforms and they also give permissions to these platforms without reading all the terms and conditions leading to privacy issues.

There is also a threat to the games that are played internationally and in domestic circuits. Many a time players and umpires indulge in match fixing incidents against the money that they receive. This is not good for the game-spirit.

  • The need to regulate

There is a need for government regulation. This can be both preventive and punitive.