July 29, 2021


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How ToMake The Most Out Of Online Casino Bonuses?

It doesn’t matter if you are new to an online casino or are a veteran player, online casinos attract players from all across the world with their attractive casino bonuses. Offering bonuses is one of the most popular marketing tactics that most casinos use.

Tips to effectively use online casino bonuses:

  1. Check the percentage of bonus and the maximum amount at the end

Whenever you play a game in an online casino, do check the bonus percentage and subsequently the amount at the end. Most casinos offer a bonus percentage of 100%, whereas some offer more, around 150-200%, and some casinos also provide an unlimited bonus.

  • Always go with low to medium variance slots

If you are a slot player, it is advised that you should always pick the low to medium variance slots. Even though it doesn’t ensure that you will earn big, but following this strategy can take you through the playthrough requirements before the balance gets 0.

  • Know when to decline a bonus

Most casinos allow using the bonus money only after you deposit a minimum amount. So, whenever you have won a substantial amount, it is recommended to withdraw the money than continue with the wagering requirements through the bonus amount. Afterall, having a little less in your bank is always better than losing everything on wagering.

  • Always try the free spins

Most casinos offer their players a free spin, where you can turn a wheel and get rewards for free. If you’re a beginner, then never avoid this. You may not have the brightest luck every time, but whatever reward you get is completely free and can be cashed out immediately.

  • Review bonus terms and wagering requirements

Before you put your money at risk, it is advised that you should read the bonus terms carefully. There are times that some bonuses will look attractive but have a completely different story. In most casinos, bonuses are required to be wagered a certain number of times to convert it into real money. Also, note that the wagering requirements could be as high as 25 times or 50 times that of the bonus amount.


Casinos offer a wide variety of bonuses to their players, like, no deposit bonus, welcome bonus, cashback, loyalty bonus, and so on. This is an important marketing strategy as it offers a chance to explore the site. Provide players with some extra time inside a game, or offer a chance to increase the bankroll. Whatever the reasons are, never play in online casinos for the bonuses, casinos don’t like people trying to outsmart them, and may end up putting a ban on your account and all your withdrawals.